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Flixup!, The Twitter Movie App For iPhone, Now Available In The App Store

People currently go to sites like Rotten Tomatoes or Metacritic to understand what critics think about a particular movie. But a lot of us don’t trust what the critics have to say.  Most movie-watching decisions are based on what friends are saying about a movie or on the popularity with the general public. According to a recent study done by Stradella Road (“Moviegoers 2010”),  75% of people “trust what their friends think about a movie more than they trust a critic.”

“Rather than relying on a singular critical voice, moviegoers look to their social networks and a variety of review aggregation sites for review feedback. 45% of heavy moviegoers have looked at aggregation sites, which has become their modern version of the Sunday review ad. Moviegoers find as much value in seeing an aggregated average score as they do in reading a full review. They are looking for the simple thumbs up or thumbs down.” – Moviegoers 2010 Research Study

As a result of Twitter’s growth, people can not only get a quick snapshot of someone’s opinion of a movie  in 140 characters or less, they can also get someone’s opinion of a movie in near real-time.  However, the problem with so much real-time data is that existing Twitter apps and tools make it difficult to understand “What tweets are about movies”.  Furthermore, no one addresses the questions: “What movies are people talking about right now? What movies are generating the buzz right now? What movies are my friends the most excited about right now?”

This is what Flixup! solves.

Flixup! is a new iPhone app that helps you make entertainment choices based on understanding what moviegoers (and especially your moviegoing friends) are talking about on Twitter.  We segment and analyze movie conversations on Twitter to make it easy for moviegoers to understand what people are saying about a particular movie.

Install the app by clicking on the button below or clicking here:

Install flixup! for iPhone

Install flixup! for iPhone

Key features:

  • Segment movie conversations from Twitter based on the people you follow and everyone else. No more reading 1000s of tweets to see what your friends are saying about movies you are interested in!
  • Display sentiment and volume of conversations around a certain movie. We give you a real-time scorecard on what movie(s) people are talking about the most, and insight on the ‘good,’ the ‘bad,’ and the ‘truth.’
  • Watch trailers, rate movies, comment with other Twitterers, and share your opinion on Twitter.

Additional features:

  • Display movie information including synopsis, MPAA rating, actors, and much more!
  • View trailers with a special feature of commenting about the trailer.
  • Rate and add comments about a movie and share with your friends.
  • Discover and engage with other moviegoers through Twitter.
  • Retweet your favorite movie conversation tweets.

In the same way Stocktwits has changed the way people decide what stocks to invest in, Flixup! will change the way people decide what movie to watch.

wView movies and see what movies are the most popular on Twitter

View movies and see what movies are the most popular on Twitter

Play the trailer, rate movies, view showtimes and share on Twitter

Play the trailer, rate movies, view showtimes and share on Twitter

Rate movies and post to Twitter

Rate movies and post to Twitter

To learn more about our app and updates, follow @flixupapp or Become a Fan on Facebook.  Look out for more in the coming weeks!


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