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Flixup!, The Twitter Movie App For iPhone, Now Available In The App Store

People currently go to sites like Rotten Tomatoes or Metacritic to understand what critics think about a particular movie. But a lot of us don’t trust what the critics have to say.  Most movie-watching decisions are based on what friends are saying about a movie or on the popularity with the general public. According to a recent study done by Stradella Road (“Moviegoers 2010”),  75% of people “trust what their friends think about a movie more than they trust a critic.”

“Rather than relying on a singular critical voice, moviegoers look to their social networks and a variety of review aggregation sites for review feedback. 45% of heavy moviegoers have looked at aggregation sites, which has become their modern version of the Sunday review ad. Moviegoers find as much value in seeing an aggregated average score as they do in reading a full review. They are looking for the simple thumbs up or thumbs down.” – Moviegoers 2010 Research Study

As a result of Twitter’s growth, people can not only get a quick snapshot of someone’s opinion of a movie  in 140 characters or less, they can also get someone’s opinion of a movie in near real-time.  However, the problem with so much real-time data is that existing Twitter apps and tools make it difficult to understand “What tweets are about movies”.  Furthermore, no one addresses the questions: “What movies are people talking about right now? What movies are generating the buzz right now? What movies are my friends the most excited about right now?”

This is what Flixup! solves.

Flixup! is a new iPhone app that helps you make entertainment choices based on understanding what moviegoers (and especially your moviegoing friends) are talking about on Twitter.  We segment and analyze movie conversations on Twitter to make it easy for moviegoers to understand what people are saying about a particular movie.

Install the app by clicking on the button below or clicking here:

Install flixup! for iPhone

Install flixup! for iPhone

Key features:

  • Segment movie conversations from Twitter based on the people you follow and everyone else. No more reading 1000s of tweets to see what your friends are saying about movies you are interested in!
  • Display sentiment and volume of conversations around a certain movie. We give you a real-time scorecard on what movie(s) people are talking about the most, and insight on the ‘good,’ the ‘bad,’ and the ‘truth.’
  • Watch trailers, rate movies, comment with other Twitterers, and share your opinion on Twitter.

Additional features:

  • Display movie information including synopsis, MPAA rating, actors, and much more!
  • View trailers with a special feature of commenting about the trailer.
  • Rate and add comments about a movie and share with your friends.
  • Discover and engage with other moviegoers through Twitter.
  • Retweet your favorite movie conversation tweets.

In the same way Stocktwits has changed the way people decide what stocks to invest in, Flixup! will change the way people decide what movie to watch.

wView movies and see what movies are the most popular on Twitter

View movies and see what movies are the most popular on Twitter

Play the trailer, rate movies, view showtimes and share on Twitter

Play the trailer, rate movies, view showtimes and share on Twitter

Rate movies and post to Twitter

Rate movies and post to Twitter

To learn more about our app and updates, follow @flixupapp or Become a Fan on Facebook.  Look out for more in the coming weeks!


A business around Twitter and the real-time stream. Ridiculous? Not really.

Bazaar Labs glad to be a Twitter partner

There was some really exciting news yesterday announced at Le Web by @rsarver that really give Twitter developers an opportunity to deliver value back to consumers in the same way Google and Microsoft do.

  • Twitter is leveling off the playing field by opening up the firehose to everyone, not just Google and Microsoft. This is huge news. There was the search API, there was the garden-hose, but no matter what we would try to do, the big guys used to have a leg up on the little guys (ie us) because they had more access to data. We now can analyze Twitter’s data in the same way Google does. Resources aside, great opportunity.
  • The need for a Twitter Developer conference. There are tweetups, there are even small gatherings that @gregory puts together for Twitter developers, (there is a meetup tonight for those that are reading in New York), but there is no place/event for Twitter developers to share their business practices, how they are using real-time data, discuss challenges, and even create partnerships. Coming from an enterprise software company that had one of the best conferences, so much value is extracted from these events. When Facebook launched the f8 conference, developers felt a little more empowered and the gesture showed that there is indeed a platform. Chirp will do the same for Twitter.
  • Twitter will share revenue with the ecosystem partners. Most will find this fascinating (what money? Twitter hasn’t exposed any revenue projections), but let’s face it, their deal with Google and Microsoft was not just a nice handshake.

We will be using the firehouse, we will be attending Chirp, and by all means, we are happy to share revenue with Twitter.

We are proud to be part of the Twitter ecosystem. Look out for our products in the coming weeks. Sign-up to be part of our Flixup! beta.

iMedia Agency Summit, real-time content & display ad filtering

We had the opportunity to present our app to 80+ agency leaders at the iMedia Agency Summit in Scottsdale, AZ (Thank you, Catalyst:SF & iMedia, for having us present).  First, all start-ups who are creating ad-supported business models should talk to agencies/brands as early in the product development process as possible.  There is nothing worse than thinking that you will have an amazing destination site/mobile app and then to find that agencies aren’t interested in advertising in that medium.

We received a lot of positive feedback.  Here is a tweet from one attendee:
Tweet from iMedia about flixup!

One piece of feedback is that advertisers do not want serve ads next to vulgar content or competitor content, which is part of the IAB guidelines. Since tweets are being pulled in real-time (and in flixup!, you see that people are very opinionated about movies), when ads are being served, brand ads shouldn’t be displayed if there are any tweets with vulgar or competitor content.

I wonder when Twitter reveals their advertising product, how they will address this?

It will be interesting to watch how real-time content affects ad serving technologies.

Here is the quick presentation that we went through for your viewing pleasure:

Themes of 2 Twitter conferences: promote social good & be real


After spending the last week at TWTRCON in Washington DC and then 140Conf in LA, people can say what they want, but Twitter is not going anywhere – it is here to stay. It was amazing how businesses in all sectors, non-profits, entertainers, and even the general Joe-Shmo are getting value out Twitter.

Why did I attend? I attended just to observe and get feedback on an early beta of flixup!  If you’re interested in our beta, sign-up!  While the idea of “joining the conversation”, “being authentic”, and “saying something useful”, are common social media best practices, I had some major observations.

If you are into philanthropy, start using Twitter for social good.  At TWTRCON, I heard Scott Harrison (@scottharrison) talk about Charity Water and how they created Twestivals to raise money for the cause.  It was amazing how Twestivals brought together 202 cities to raise the awareness of clean and safe drinking water.  Also, at the 140Conf, Mark Hovarth spoke about how he uses Twitter to raise awareness of the homelessness problem.  Mark brought a homeless woman, Ann (@padschicago) with him from Chicago and she spoke to us about how she uses Twitter and SMS to share her life experiences.  With Twitter, people feel that their voice is being heard and that’s a powerful thing.

The REAL real-time is the personal connection you actually haveDrew Olanoff (the awesome guy who is helping raise cancer awareness through Twitter) gave this simple, yet effective talk at 140Conf about how the real connection is the with the people you have real relationships with.  He asked the audience to pick up the phone, call someone, text someone, tell them that you love them.  I thought this was so true, that in this Facebook-status-updating-@replying-world, the most real-time communication is the the face-to-face conversation & phone call.  People want to use these tools to connect with friends, family and colleagues they have in the real world.

Relationships are REAL on Twitter. I must admit people attending the Twitter conferences all knew each other.  I didn’t know anyone – well, I knew some – but I have never seen so many people so excited to see each other in a conference before.  It’s like @attendee1 and @attendee2 were best friends.  Felt very cultish, not in a bad away, but the idea that people are connected through conversations on Twitter, supporting a cause, common interests, passion areas, and these relationship are virtual, but behind the online relationship is a real connection.  For instance, everyone LOVED Jessica Gottlieb and her talk about “making a living, being okay with sponsored tweets”, but her talk aside, people stood up, cheered her on.  (I must admit she was pretty awesome).

If you’re curious and new to Twitter, check out when the next TWTRCON and 140Conf is. We might be there!  Would love to get feedback on apps!

Will someone help the 75% of users who have tweeted only once?

The Twitter app ecosystem continues to flourish, yet people still ask the question: “I don’t get it, why should I use Twitter?” You tell them, sign-up and follow some people – it’s a great way to get connected with people you respect – this could be a friend, colleague, industry thought leader, celebrity, or journalist. Yet, once convinced (not because of you, but because Twitter is everywhere), people sign up on and tweet….once.

The famous words: “So I signed up for Twitter, I don’t get it, now what?”

While Tweetie 2 launches their revamped app and TweetDeck released some updates to their app, to help hardcore Twitter users get more value, no one focuses on addressing the needs of the 75% of users who tweet once .  (BTW, for a later discussion, can someone objectively tell me why TweetDeck is really better than Tweetie? Specifically, what real technology is underlying in these all apps?  I think I heard there is a joke going around “What is the Twitter app of the week?”)

All of these apps are designed for power users!

All of these apps are designed for power users!

The larger opportunity is to serve the 75% of users who tweet once.  Help them get more value out of Twitter. Some ideas:

(1) Twitter apps need to help new users discover people. Maybe ask some basic/fun questions. No more than 5 to use as a basis of providing recommendations of who to follow. “If you were watching a TV show, which one would you watch?”[American Idol][Jimmy Fallon][Drew Carey][All of the Above].  Depending on what you click, you would be given recommendations of who to follow.  Another question: “Who did you vote for?” [Barack][McCain][I wasn’t old enough]. I’m sure you can think of others. Twitter provides recommendations, but they are completely arbitrary.  Based on these questions, tell them who they should follow.

(2) Once new users start following 5-10 people and they start tweeting once or twice, give new users more recommendations of people to follow.  Think of this as “Facebook Suggestions”.  New users will get value out of following the first set of people, but help them discover more.  Maybe integrate Mr.Tweet’s API and provide recommendations every couple of weeks.

(3) If 90% of the tweets are generated by 10% of the people, then the other 90% of the people are just viewing tweets.  Create channels, and help new users discover the most popular tweets in these channels. Organize tweets by the way AOL & Yahoo, and do it: Finance, Autos, etc.  If that’s how people view information today, make it easy for people to make sense of all the real-time data.  Think of TV.  You can Tivo your show(this is your personal feed of the people you follow), but then there are the normal channels.  Organize data in a way other people understand.

(4) 300M people are on Facebook.  Facebook is doing something right, but show that Twitter has “Facebook-like” Features.  If your  start following 3 friends, and those friends start following 3 friends, it would be really helpful if you could see “[Your friend] started following 3 people. Find out who they are.”  This is how Facebook helped people discover more and more friends.  Twitter (or Twitter apps) should do the same.

(5) Add “Getting Started” type features – think Pop-Up Video.  So many of the apps just jump right in, ask for your username/password, and then wah-la! good luck!  For new users, this is not the way to go.  Maybe ask the new user “Are you a new user? No problem, we’ll help you navigate the world of Twitter.”  You know the pop-up videos from VH1? Try having small pop-ups on occasion to show features that have not been used.  Use PinchMedia and Flurry to understand user behaviors . Then, if someone is not using a feature (for example if they don’t know what direct messages are), have the application prompt the user as follows: “Send a direct message to X. Direct messages are private short messages, think of it as a single line instant message”.  Well, maybe that’s too long, but you get the point.

Twitter is a great tool to connect you with the people you respect, admire and find interesting and it’s a great way to get real-time information.   Twitter developers, like us, should have a mission to help consumers get value out of the real-time stream.

Starting a real-time stream company in 2009

This is Somrat, co-founder of Bazaar Labs.  I am excited to be launching Bazaar Labs with my friends Tim and Matt.  This is a great time to create a company – the market is picking up, there is good positive buzz in the start-up community, and the cost to develop and get a product to market is getting easier-and-easier.

Of all the areas to focus on, we are building a company based on real-time data.  As Ron Conway describes, there are lots of opportunities around real-time data, including everything from analytics to developing content-based advertising solutions.

For instance, in the area of advertising, just in the last 2 weeks, two Twitter advertising solutions launched – one centered around getting top Twitterers to tweet a branded message and another created an ad product to monetize the real-time web.  Now… it’s unclear whether either of these solutions will work, since they have to get to mass adoption by advertisers, consumers, and publishers, but that’s not the point.  Twitter’s APIs have really opened up the opportunity for start-ups to create businesses in the same way Facebook’s platform created great businesses for start-ups who developed on their platform.

Out of all areas, several Twitter clients have emerged.  We launched our own Twitter iPhone app called TweetNGo.  There are two versions: free ad-supported(TweetNGo Lite) and paid, no-ads with push notifications(TweetNGo Pro).

Unlike other Twitter clients, TweetNGo is designed for casual users, not “power users” of Twitter.  We focused on keeping it simple, easy-to-use, and fast. In addition to the standard Twitter features, we added some fun features including the ability to tweet your location through Yelp, upload pictures through TwitPic, and for the paid version, you can receive @ mentions and direct messages through push notifications.  We looking forward to receiving your feedback!  If you have any, send feedback to and for more info on the app follow @tweetngoapp.

As for the other things we’re working on, well, you’ll have to wait and see!  Here we come world. Follow @bazaarlabs to keep up with our musings.

Watch this video to learn more about TweetNGo:

Welcome to Bazaar Labs!

We create social mobile apps centered around people's entertainment experiences. Our first app, Flixup!, helps moviegoers decide what movie to watch based on conversations on Twitter. Our latest app, Miso, makes it fun to share your entertainment experiences with your friends

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