Introducing Miso – The Social Entertainment Game

Miso - Easiest way to share what you're watching

There are lots of apps out there centered around helping you decide what movie or TV show to watch – using showtimes, trailers, even tweets, but there aren’t a lot of apps that make it fun to share your entertainment experiences with your friends.  That’s what Miso is!

Miso is a social entertainment game for the iPhone – it’s a Foursquare-like app for TV+Movies.  You check-in, share what TV show or movie you’re watching, and unlock badges! For instance, if you watch “24” a ton, maybe you can get an Action badge, or if you watch a movie like “Hitch”, you could get a Romance or Comedy badge. It’s meant to be fun!

You can download it here on iTunes.

Twitter is about “What’s happening”, Plancast is “What are you planning to do”, Miso is “What are you watching?”. So, what are you watching today?

With Miso, you can:

– Log in with Facebook and see all the TV shows and movies your Facebook friends are watching
– At a theater or at home, easily share what you’re watching with friends
– Unlock badges. You never know what badge you’ll get based on the movies and tv shows you watch!
– Search for TV shows and movies from an extensive online database

We have some other new features coming soon, so follow @gomiso on Twitter for updates!


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We create social mobile apps centered around people's entertainment experiences. Our first app, Flixup!, helps moviegoers decide what movie to watch based on conversations on Twitter. Our latest app, Miso, makes it fun to share your entertainment experiences with your friends

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