A business around Twitter and the real-time stream. Ridiculous? Not really.

Bazaar Labs glad to be a Twitter partner

There was some really exciting news yesterday announced at Le Web by @rsarver that really give Twitter developers an opportunity to deliver value back to consumers in the same way Google and Microsoft do.

  • Twitter is leveling off the playing field by opening up the firehose to everyone, not just Google and Microsoft. This is huge news. There was the search API, there was the garden-hose, but no matter what we would try to do, the big guys used to have a leg up on the little guys (ie us) because they had more access to data. We now can analyze Twitter’s data in the same way Google does. Resources aside, great opportunity.
  • The need for a Twitter Developer conference. There are tweetups, there are even small gatherings that @gregory puts together for Twitter developers, (there is a meetup tonight for those that are reading in New York), but there is no place/event for Twitter developers to share their business practices, how they are using real-time data, discuss challenges, and even create partnerships. Coming from an enterprise software company that had one of the best conferences, so much value is extracted from these events. When Facebook launched the f8 conference, developers felt a little more empowered and the gesture showed that there is indeed a platform. Chirp will do the same for Twitter.
  • Twitter will share revenue with the ecosystem partners. Most will find this fascinating (what money? Twitter hasn’t exposed any revenue projections), but let’s face it, their deal with Google and Microsoft was not just a nice handshake.

We will be using the firehouse, we will be attending Chirp, and by all means, we are happy to share revenue with Twitter.

We are proud to be part of the Twitter ecosystem. Look out for our products in the coming weeks. Sign-up to be part of our Flixup! beta.


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