iMedia Agency Summit, real-time content & display ad filtering

We had the opportunity to present our app to 80+ agency leaders at the iMedia Agency Summit in Scottsdale, AZ (Thank you, Catalyst:SF & iMedia, for having us present).  First, all start-ups who are creating ad-supported business models should talk to agencies/brands as early in the product development process as possible.  There is nothing worse than thinking that you will have an amazing destination site/mobile app and then to find that agencies aren’t interested in advertising in that medium.

We received a lot of positive feedback.  Here is a tweet from one attendee:
Tweet from iMedia about flixup!

One piece of feedback is that advertisers do not want serve ads next to vulgar content or competitor content, which is part of the IAB guidelines. Since tweets are being pulled in real-time (and in flixup!, you see that people are very opinionated about movies), when ads are being served, brand ads shouldn’t be displayed if there are any tweets with vulgar or competitor content.

I wonder when Twitter reveals their advertising product, how they will address this?

It will be interesting to watch how real-time content affects ad serving technologies.

Here is the quick presentation that we went through for your viewing pleasure:


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