Themes of 2 Twitter conferences: promote social good & be real


After spending the last week at TWTRCON in Washington DC and then 140Conf in LA, people can say what they want, but Twitter is not going anywhere – it is here to stay. It was amazing how businesses in all sectors, non-profits, entertainers, and even the general Joe-Shmo are getting value out Twitter.

Why did I attend? I attended just to observe and get feedback on an early beta of flixup!  If you’re interested in our beta, sign-up!  While the idea of “joining the conversation”, “being authentic”, and “saying something useful”, are common social media best practices, I had some major observations.

If you are into philanthropy, start using Twitter for social good.  At TWTRCON, I heard Scott Harrison (@scottharrison) talk about Charity Water and how they created Twestivals to raise money for the cause.  It was amazing how Twestivals brought together 202 cities to raise the awareness of clean and safe drinking water.  Also, at the 140Conf, Mark Hovarth spoke about how he uses Twitter to raise awareness of the homelessness problem.  Mark brought a homeless woman, Ann (@padschicago) with him from Chicago and she spoke to us about how she uses Twitter and SMS to share her life experiences.  With Twitter, people feel that their voice is being heard and that’s a powerful thing.

The REAL real-time is the personal connection you actually haveDrew Olanoff (the awesome guy who is helping raise cancer awareness through Twitter) gave this simple, yet effective talk at 140Conf about how the real connection is the with the people you have real relationships with.  He asked the audience to pick up the phone, call someone, text someone, tell them that you love them.  I thought this was so true, that in this Facebook-status-updating-@replying-world, the most real-time communication is the the face-to-face conversation & phone call.  People want to use these tools to connect with friends, family and colleagues they have in the real world.

Relationships are REAL on Twitter. I must admit people attending the Twitter conferences all knew each other.  I didn’t know anyone – well, I knew some – but I have never seen so many people so excited to see each other in a conference before.  It’s like @attendee1 and @attendee2 were best friends.  Felt very cultish, not in a bad away, but the idea that people are connected through conversations on Twitter, supporting a cause, common interests, passion areas, and these relationship are virtual, but behind the online relationship is a real connection.  For instance, everyone LOVED Jessica Gottlieb and her talk about “making a living, being okay with sponsored tweets”, but her talk aside, people stood up, cheered her on.  (I must admit she was pretty awesome).

If you’re curious and new to Twitter, check out when the next TWTRCON and 140Conf is. We might be there!  Would love to get feedback on apps!


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